See the midnight sun on the Arctic Circle

June 12th, 2013 by Cecilia

Midnight Walk- A nature tour up the hill- Talvatis (near central Jokkmokk)

In Jokkmokk is the time of the midnight sun from early June to early July. The light flowing over us 24h hours from May to August because we are near the Arctic Circle. This evening you will learn more about what is behind the phenomenon of polar day, called Midnight Sun.

The forest area around theTalvatis mountain/hill is beautiful and we see mainly plants but also with good luck, animals (what experience  we get is very variable over the season).

For those who want to experience:

*Midnight Sun during an evening. You’ll learn more about the midnight sun and visit a beautiful natural forest. A  learning nature visit that ends with good coffee in the top cabin at Storknabbens music cafe ‘. If you want, we make a fire just below the top of the “Storknabben(Talvatis).

Included in the price: Guide and coffee / tea or lemonad.  Cake or other extras not included,  you choose them yourself at the Cafe´in the end of the tour.


1 Adult 290 SEK

1 Children up to 15 years SEK 150. Child in stroller is not recommended.

Family price: (2 adults:, 2 children) 700 SEK

Date: Every Friday from late June to the end of July.

Number of participants: Maximum 10 people per tour.

Difficulty of  the tour: Moderate (about 5 km hike)

Meeting place: Destination Jokkmokk – Tourist Information in central of Jokkmokk. The tour ends at the top of Storknabben. There is a road that is easy to follow down back to Jokkmokk. We follow you down too, if you wish!

* We can not guarantee that you can see the midnight sun but the chances are good in clear weather. The night is bright even when it rains.

The snow has melted.The midnight sun is almost here!

May 17th, 2013 by Cecilia

A great winter is over! Here, I offer one last taste of winter. A reportage team followed me on an igloo workshop Saltoluokta, Swedish Lapland.


Spring nights are almost over and the midnight sun is almost here! Now waiting for a summer full of adventure. This summer, we offer short and long forest tours in the Jokkmokk region.  Welcome to visit Jokkmokk, just north of the Arctic Circle.

(Svenska) Leva med elden

November 23rd, 2012 by Cecilia

(Svenska) Bygg och bo i din egen snöigloo

September 14th, 2012 by Cecilia

The igloo season is over.

April 11th, 2012 by Cecilia

Now I have finished a lovely igloo season. How many were built ? … Want to count to 15 “block igloo” and 10 Quin Zee’s. No record, but a very nice winter. A winter not yet over. Still cold outdoor and still one iglooproject in Kvikkjokk left, a photo project … maybe a new magazine story. This time with focusing on just the building of an igloo!

The only self-supporting building, built entirely of snow. The only equipment required: a snow saw and a shovel … and a lot of knowledge of course! 

Many thanks to everyone who came to my variuos igloo tours, now awaits ”soon” a new and different winter season 2012- 2013, welcome!

Skiing – find your own ways in untouched snow

November 20th, 2011 by Cecilia

What are you thinking when you hear the word of skiing .. blood taste in the mouth, hard-wearing sports? Let us instead see it as an experience that creates a sense of freedom and also a superb ancient mode of transport in winter. Especially when the skis can be guided straight into the wilderness – in the rough terrain. Nothing is like finding your own paths in a untouched snowy landscape. If you want to intensify it more I am ready to call it poetry!

To read more about skiing – with long wooden cross country skies. Read swedish page and use google translate

Snow bivouac-a perfect “cool” challenge in the Kvikkjokk Mountains and mountain forests

September 2nd, 2011 by Cecilia

 A “taster” trip into the mountains and forests of Lapland. Comfortable and gentle, yet will still stretch you to your limit. Ski techniques, fire lighting, animal tracking and bivouacking are just part of the rich palette of training you receive as part of this winter tour. The coolest challenge will be a night out in a snow bivouac, which you will dig yourself. You cannot come much closer to nature than this.

For the first two days we travel in the area on skis, learning basic skiing techniques in the mountains and forests. Lunch by an open fire. Day three we travel to a thick snowdrift for some bivouac digging. A good “bivouac drift” is formed in special locations where extra snow has accumulated and packed together, sometimes to a depth of several meters. Here you will learn how to dig your own snow bivouac, as well as what is important to think about regarding safety issues and how to make an emergency bivouac. This is a great way to quickly build protection against “unexpected weather” in the mountains. Dining outside under a starry sky and overnight in a bivouac.

On the last day we return to the mountain station. After a warming sauna, a slide show that teaches more about living in the snow and mountains in the wintertime. Finally, some “me time”, or the possibility to take a short trip on skis / snowshoes. Every evening we eat a three-course dinner with ingredients found in the surrounding mountains and nature of Lapland.

Price: 7530  SEK


Date: 12-16 March 2012.

Good to know:

Additional cost for car transfer to Jokkmokk on Saturday may apply. Packing list and clothing advice sent on booking.

New name and Nature´s best

June 16th, 2011 by Cecilia


New company name -NatuLife had now recived the national quality label for nature tours- “Natures best”.

Nature’s Bestis designed to offer the traveller an unforgettable nature experience. It combines responsible nature conservation with more environmentally friendly ways of travelling that care for cultural heritage, local community and the environment.”

Labelling Committee´s motivation (16 June 2011)

Natulife could perhaps become one of Lapland’s distinctive companies in the future, with good chances of becoming an internationally-known icon like the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi and the Tree Hotel in Harads. Behind Jokkmokk’s igloo village is a strong female entrepreneur, who is not afraid of breaking into traditionally male territories such as whitewater rafting, fly-fishing and bird hunting. Read more on nature best website.


“Snow love” swedish articels about igloo and Cecilia

May 12th, 2011 by Cecilia


Ohh this is in swedish but you can translate it with google translate..

The road to the heart of Muddus – A Wildlife Tour in Lapland on foot.

March 28th, 2011 by Cecilia

-… Before and after the mosquitoes arrive…


During our hike into the forest, we walk along a beautiful ridge. With open swamps on both sides, we have good chance to see some animals along the way. Mostly birds of many species, but also larger animals such as moose. We will even feel that bears are somewhere in the swampy landscape… We will also be looking for all types of animal tracks along our path. The ridge we walk along sits next to the edge of course, mature pine trees. The bright summer nights are spent in tents / shelters here in the middle of Laponia’s wilderness.



Arrival: Welcome Dinner and overnight stay in Porjus.

Days 1-2: Walking into the heart of Muddus to “Urskogsberget” which is a mountain forest. Here we find the oldest pine tree in Sweden, which is nearly 800 years old. In addition, we have now reached one of the most remote places of all Swedish forests, ‘road-less country’ and it is about 15km in all directions to the nearest forest road.

Days 3-4: We walk back along the forest ridge continuing our Wildlife Safari and finish with a tour of the mountain top (if time and energy permit). From there we can look back over our route. If we can move our eyes away from Muddus and look in the other direction, we will be able to see (on a clear day) the Sarek mountain tops and even Kennekaise. Maybe your next adventure?

Number of participants: 2-6 persons.

Time period: June – weeks 23, 24 and 25 and in August – weeks 33, 34 and 35 in September.

Make your journey getting here to a great experience:  We recommend you to take the inland banan “(special summer train”) from Östersund. Daily departures from June 6 -27 August 2011. Book here:

Getting there: Trains (SJ) to Gällivare from Gothenburg / Stockholm.

Airport in Gällivare (NEXT jet) and Kiruna (SAS) by bus to Porjus – first night in a hostel (hotel available at additional cost). We can also arrange local transfers from / to train / flight Porjus / Gällivare (Jokkmokk) at additional cost.

Includes: Accommodation for one night in a hostel, three nights in a tent / shelters, dinner the day of arrival, all meals in the field, local shuttle from Porjus to the hike’s starting point, local wilderness guide.

More information:

Participants carry their own equipment in a backpack, shared equipment is carried by all of the group. Packing list and detailed tour information is forwarded to you when we receive the booking fee of 500kr.

Price: 7500 SEK per person.